A night to remember – Friday Night in Faraday

Friday February 26th was a night to remember for Faraday Street.

The Faraday Street Festival was first down to be a happening thing in 2020 but was thwarted by Lockdown. In 2021 it looked likely that the same was about to occur and we were devastated, however as luck would have it, the first-time event was able to go ahead at Level 1, in between lockdowns and what a night it was!

Events are now something that an event organiser comes at with even more ‘Health and Safety’ awareness and for the very first Faraday Festival to have been such a success, whilst keeping in line and respecting what’s needed in our ‘new world’ for events and safety, we are thrilled with the turn out and the support from not only Parnell locals and employees, but wider Auckland.

Local Faraday retailers and hospitality stalwarts had a blast and made the most of the thousand-plus people that came and went throughout the night. Auckland’s favourite food trucks (thanks to The Food Truck Collective) parked up and had a roaring trade. The Paddington Parnell played perfect hosts to their pop up bar on the street and Red Rabbit kept the ‘coffee cocktails’ flowing as the day turned to night. Barulho had their world famous in Auckland paella cooking outside as the band Little Sunday played to enamoured crowds out front.

As dusk settled on this ‘Parnell first’ it was fair to say, Faraday Street was a happy space to be.

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