Membership Parnell BID

Membership Parnell BID

The Parnell Business Association is a not for profit Incorporated Society whose activities are funded, via a partnership programme with Auckland City Council, by commercial ratepayers within the Parnell Business Association’s boundary area, known as a BID (Business Improvement District). The Partnership is guided by a BID Policy, which was updated in 2016. 

The Parnell Business Association completed a BID Boundary Expansion in 2015 in order to represent and support all businesses in the Parnell area.If your business is located within the new BID Boundary area, then you are automatically an eligible member (unless your business operates from a residential property which does not pay commercial rates).

All Parnell BID eligible members are required to complete a membership form (List your Business), and we encourage you to do this as comprehensively as possible so we can include all your relevant info on our database. It is also the responsibility of every member to keep their contact details updated with our office ([email protected])

Objectives and Strategy

The Parnell Business Association is the collective voice of Parnell and a strong advocate for business in the area, with an overall aim of fostering economic success. Our strategic framework is built on 5 pillars which guides our delivery of member services. 

The Association is here to represent, support and help our members.

1. Advocacy & Representation – We aim to leverage and influence change and ensure that our members interests are represented and work closely with key partners such as Auckland Council, Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Auckland Transport and NZ Police. In this way we act as the conduit for Local Council and City Plans to be brought to the attention of members for feedback and input. Advocacy and Representation are top priorities to significantly influence local outcomes and multi-level stakeholder engagement, including landlords, business and retail members is essential for success.

2. Crime Prevention Strategy – creation and support of crime prevention initiatives that make Parnell a safe place in which to do business.

3. Marketing & Publicity – Our overall promotion and marketing objectives are to create awareness for our members, increase visibility of selected retail clusters and drive visitation to Parnell.

4. Member Communications & Networking – We are here to assist & guide the development and advancement of the commercial interests of business people via communications, networking and sharing of information, thus promoting the general welfare of the business community.

5. Physical Environment & Streetscapes – We are here to capitalise on the natural and historical significance of Parnell and be sensitive to issues that may impact on the environment – where relevant to advocate for the improvement and beautification of public space.

The Auckland Council is focused on turning Auckland into the world’s most liveable city. Business Improvement District Partnership Programmes are key local components of a productive and high value economy and contribute towards Auckland being the economic powerhouse of New Zealand.

How the targeted rate works

The Parnell Business Association is a BID Partnership Programme as defined by Auckland Council. Currently, 50 Business Improvement District (BID) Partnership Programmes operate across the Auckland region representing over 25,000 businesses. 

Under the programme, businesses vote collectively to invest in improvements to enhance their local business environment for which the council collects a targeted rate and works with the businesses to implement improvements. (this does not duplicate basic services provided by the council such as water, refuse removal etc.)

These groups, known as BIDs, directly support the economic growth of town centres and business precincts across Auckland and operate within their own constitutions.

100 per cent of the targeted rate collected by Auckland Council is returned to the business group. Auckland Council’s BID policy covers the establishment of new BID areas, and explores proposed BID boundary expansions. The Auckland Council approach to BIDs is based on a partnership model, as all parties agree that this approach offers the best chance of achieving positive business and economic outcomes at both a regional and local level.

The BID Partnership Programme is an evolution of the previous Mainstreet associations, with the main difference that Mainstreets primarily focused on initiatives in the retail sector located in a town centre whilst BID Partnership Programmes are inclusive of all business types including retail, commercial and industrial businesses operating within a geographic area. They are also inclusive of all businesses, independent of scale, location or ownership.

Stakeholders within a BID Partnership Programme boundary area include:

  • Business property owners (land owners);
  • Business owners (leasing space); and
  • Sole traders (leasing space).

It is important that all stakeholders are considered. Residential businesses are not included but may become Associate Members.

Following the expansion of our BID Boundary, the Parnell Business Association represents the interests of over 1,200 businesses and property owners.