Sponsorship & Advertising

The Parnell Business Association is an Incorporated Society, for non profit. As such there is always a need for additional revenue to remain competitive with other shopping and business precincts.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have the following areas available for sponsorship. Please contact us for details.

Advertising Opportunities


We have advertising available in our printed newsletter. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.

The Parnell Business Association produces a printed business newsletter in the form of a magazine. Below are the specifications for booking advertising space.

1. The publication is produced five times a year, generally every two months. Please contact our office for dates of the next publication.

2. The size of the print run (2019) is 2,500.

3. Distribution
• Who to – all businesses and members in the Parnell area, plus select posting to Council and landowners
• How many – approximately 2-3 copies per business

4. Advertising dimensions include full page, half page and quarter page.

5. Costs for advertising are based on dimensions:
Full page – $600.00
½ page – $300.00
¼ page – $150.00

6. Specifications for artwork for the three sizes of ads:
FP/FC 297V x 210 H plus bleed;
1/2 page/FC Vertical 270V x 88H, to trim (no bleed);
1/2 page/FC Horizontal, 132V x 181H, to trim (no bleed);
1/4 page/FC 135V x 88H, to trim (no bleed)

ALL final material supplied as hi res PDFS


The Parnell Business Association has a database of over 10,000 contacts, approximately 2,000 of which are members, a further 1,000 other companies including suppliers, contractors and council associated contacts and the balance are general members of the public ( approx 7,000 contacts).

We offer the opportunity to our members to advertise in the monthly newsletter which is usually dispatched in the first week of the month. The approval of a request for a banner advert is at the discretion of the business association.

Our open rates are above industry standards.

These are the options available:
‘Member’ audience – Banner ad only $150, banner advert plus supporting content of up to 150 words $200.
‘General’ Audience – Banner ad only $350, banner advert plus supporting content of up to 150 words $400.

The banner advert should be delivered as a high res jpeg in a landscape format. For further details, please contact [email protected]