Auckland Museum presents – Stories of Love, Loss, and Letters

Love & Loss brings some of the most emotive objects in the museum’s Documentary Heritage collections to life.

Letters, diaries, emails, and messages can be much more than just transactions of information. They have the power to capture and retain emotion, documenting love and loss – a connection between two people at a particular point in time and space. New technologies allow us to communicate these emotions in more ways, but our need to tell people we love and miss them is timeless.

From letters and diaries to emails and direct messages, this exhibition will explore the ways we communicate feelings of love and how that has changed and stayed the same over time. Bringing together items from the Auckland Museum collection with loans and donations from the public, Love & Loss is about the emotional power of the written word and the sacred place letters, messages, texts hold in all our lives.

On now at the Auckland Museum until Monday the 7th of February 2022, in the Sainsbury Horrocks Gallery on Level 2.

Explore more evocative stories from all their collections here.

Free with museum entry.

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