Biskit Cafe Opens

Located prominently on the corner of Parnell Road and Gibraltar Crescent, Biskit is a new cafe operated by Nick Bashota. Keen to make his own mark on Auckland’s café scene, Nick employed Material Creative to design a space that stands out on the main street, while fitting in with the overall aesthetic of Parnell. The café has an understated colour pallete; oak, white, dark navy, black, marble and natural stone tiles and handmade linen lanterns that fill the lofty ceiling.

Traces of the history of the building were uncovered during the fitout, and were restored to add layers within the space. The exposed brick walls compliment the restored wooden floors, and the heritage columns.

“The word biscuit has multiple meanings. The one you think of first is a baked sweet cookie. Another identity for the word biscuit is unglazed porcelain or pottery. This meaning has texture, feeling, evokes a laid back spirit, a sense of calm and also connection of the earth to the food. We ran with this as the feeling we wanted to create in the café. Its fresh, inviting and somewhere you want to stay a while”, says Nick.

And it certainly looks like they have achieved what they set out to do:- as recently reviewed excerpts from The Denizen confirm, “In further relief to Parnell’s relatively-bereft coffee scene, newcomer Biskit café and kitchen has been unveiled as the perfect example of what local residents have been calling for – a welcoming, comfortable, spacious spot in which to install oneself throughout the day. The newly-minted space, located on the corner of Parnell Road and Gibraltar Crescent, has been done justice by the talented team at Material Creative”.

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