Bowl and Arrow brings its beloved smoothie bowls to Parnell

One of Auckland’s finest smoothie bowl suppliers has extended its reach writes Harriet Johnstone of Denizen.
Setting up shop in Parnell, the new Bowl and Arrow is in good company sitting alongside Simon & Lee and Goodness Gracious. A calm, industrial space with well-picked floral accents, there’s space for those wanting to dine in with a casual bar on one side and a few small tables lining the other, though dishes can be ordered takeaway too.

On the menu, the beloved smoothie bowls remain, with the ever-popular ‘Brazilian’ continuing to dominate as the favourite, but a larger kitchen has also meant more options. Toast by The Midnight Baker in ‘sweet’ (banana, almond butter, coconut flakes and honey) or ‘savoury’ (pesto, hummus, tomato and savoury granola) are one such addition, as is the probiotic porridge by Denizen favourite, Bluefrog. With a range of salads, slices, sweet treats and Espresso Workshop coffee too, Bowl and Arrow is a hearty, healthy and — most importantly — delicious way to indulge.

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