Chinese Monkeys

Mischievous monkeys are on the loose in Parnell!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey and we have designed a unique exhibition to honour Chinese New Year.

28 artists and celebrities have added their creative genius to each of the monkey art pieces. They are well-known New Zealand and internationally recognised artists, as well as a few recognised celebrities of local and international fame. Their inspirations in creating their monkey tells a story in itself as each piece has taken on it’s own personality. 

We invite you to view these beautiful creations before they are auctioned. Each monkey clicks to its own page, from where you will find a link to place silent bid via Webb’s.
During the Monkey Exhibition you are invited to establish and secure your interest in any of the art pieces by making a ‘silent’ bid, prior to it being formally auctioned at Webb’s in Parnell.
In addition, each monkey on show will have a QR code displayed with it with a direct link to the web page. 

More about the Auction

The formal auction itself will take place on Saturday 12 March at 6.30pm at Webb’s, Falcon Street. Monkeys will be on display during the day from 11.00am. You are welcome to attend a final viewing and to meet some of the artists at 5.30pm prior to the auction.
Parnell Inc. is delighted to give its support in 2016 to The Starship Foundation, with profits from the auction going towards the Starship National Air Ambulance Service. 

Alvin Xiong
Awaken Monkey Knight

Anah Dunsheath
Merc the Golden Monkey
Anah Dunsheath
Roly the Watchful Monkey

Anya Whitlock
Monkey Puzzle 

Aviva van der Heever

Carolina Izzo

Carolina Izzo


Dalene Meiring
Josephine’s Technicolour Dream Coat

Erika Husselmann

Gareth Price Jason – The Golden-Faced Reuben-Patterson-Gimlin Rainbow Monkey

Greer Clayton
Monkey Ombre 

Hannah Andersen
Monkey Business 

Isaac Katzoff

Juniper Murray and
Divyaa Kumar Old Blue

Justin Boroughs
Te Rangi 

Kathryn Carter
Maki Moana 

Mark Cross

Mark Olsen

Mark Wallbank
Di Di 

Nicky Foreman
Singe de Versailles

Paul Coney

Piera McArthur

Piera McArthur

Sally Lush

Simon Payton

Simon Williams

Trelise Cooper

Wei Lun Ha
Elegantly Fragile