Cibo is embracing the future with a family friendly Sunday funday

With its untrammelled reputation for exemplary service and satisfying stylish surroundings, Parnell restaurant Cibo has long been a favourite for business types closing deals, dates out to impress and wedding parties celebrating their big day but now the team is dialling things down a notch by offering a super chilled Sunday option for frazzled families.

Cibo is opening its legendary doors from 4.30pm – 7pm with a relaxed family friendly menu where nothing is over $39 and children can feel special devouring a dedicated three-course option.

With comfort food favourites such as Buccatini Bolognese, Veal Schnitzel and Fried Chicken, this is a menu as cosy as your favourite jumper (and there’s no need to don your Sunday best with the owners encouraging a slip into your slippers approach).

While you enjoy a glass of wine (alcoholic beverages are 10 per cent off, thank you) you can score bonus brownie points from the kids by ordering Fanta or lime milkshakes.

This is the perfect way to finish a relaxing weekend without facing your own kitchen and enjoying Cibo’s family friendly service in a luxe setting.

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