Orsini Fine Jewellery

Orsini Fine Jewellery

241 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052, New Zealand
About Us

Sarah loves being able to bring quality jewellery to clients in New Zealand. The Italian language bestows so much meaning to a word. ‘Orsini’ is not only an Italian name, it is a word that implies: family, quality, style and lasting beauty. Steeped in such meaning and tradition, to Sarah Hutchings, Orsini Director, the word was also an appropriate designation for a fine jewellery collection she lovingly hand sources from Italy.

The jewellery is predominantly handmade in Italy, using 18k gold, diamonds and gemstones. On display are the latest designs from internationally renowned luxury jewellery houses, Gucci, Pomellato, Marco Bicego, Dodo & the predominantly diamond collection by Hulchi Belluni.

At Orsini it is really important to Sarah & the staff that you feel welcomed and have a fun experience. Often jewellery is purchased for a variety of reasons; to cheer yourself up, to signify a moment in your life such as an engagement, to show someone that you love them, to treasure a memory, to celebrate an occasion, or to replace lost or stolen jewellery.

Sarah & the team at Orsini love to design and create custom made jewellery and engagement rings. On display is a stunning collection of engagement rings and wedding rings. Sarah has exceptional diamond knowledge, GAA diamond grading training and GIA certification in diamonds, gemstones and jewellery essentials.

Pop in for a browse or visit the Orsini online sales website www.orsini.co.nz