Exhibition | Artis Gallery – Andy Leleisi’Uao

An Uncanny Catharsis of Unrequited Bones 30 November – 20 December

With Leleisi’uao’s new show, ‘An Uncanny Catharsis of Unrequited Bones’, opening at Artis Gallery, the artist from Samoan descent builds further on his idiosyncratic graphic language, while overloading our sense of sight with universal fantasies about compassion, integration, transience, participation and unification.

In the thirteen exhibited paintings, Leleisi’uao observes and interprets processes of living and projects it into the spiritual building of an alternative world full of existential connectivity and profound harmony. As spectator we witness the birth of a new culture brought to life by an intellectual expression of choices and conflicts rhythmically reflecting the absurdity of living. The mind’s eye is aspirated into enigmas and secrets which thematize notions of being(s), so universal and wonderfully weird that they transcend culture, gender, race and ideology.

Pictured Image: An Uncanny Catharsis of Unrequited Bones – Part I, Acrylic on canvas, 1500 x 1200 mm (croped)

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