Exhibition | Artis Gallery – Bridget Bidwill + Bronwynne Cornish

Ex Animo: 1 – 20 June

Bridget Bidwill: Over the past year, we have all had time to think, reflect and work out our priorities. Both Bronwynne and I coincidently, have simultaneously referenced “time” in our works and more importantly, that we are running out of it to address the issue of Global Warming. Although this, and many other current issues concern me constantly, my paintings are more about feeling, rather than telling these stories directly – when words fail me, I paint.

Bronwynne Cornish’s approach towards her sculpture has earned her recognition and critical acclaim as a highly influential contributor to New Zealand ceramics and art education. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country, where she has had major shows in all of New Zealand’s leading museums and galleries.

Cornish’s work looks at the crossover between animals and people – placing those characteristics in fine balance and emphasising the “wildness” that we have lost in our lives today. She notes “I make work that I hope will create a certain atmosphere, ring a long-lost bell, and help people create their own mythologies”.

Header image: Bridget Bidwill – Backlog, Acrylic, mixed media and collage on primed paper, 500 x 700 mm, Signed & dated 2021, Framed

Below image: Bronwynne Cornish – Belle, Ceramic, 300 x 100 mm, Unique

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