Exhibition | Artis Gallery – Nicky Foreman

Shadow Passes – Light Remains: 3 – 22 August 2021

“Over my career I have been fortunate enough to travel each year and every time I gravitate back to Italy and France.  It is in these two countries that I always found the space and stillness to formulate painting concepts.

I often stay in convents – beautiful old buildings with no televisions or distractions. Travelling for me feels like there are more hours in the day and a sense of freedom from the routines of home life.  It allows for a luxurious space and stillness – a blissful no rush rhythm.

Due to Covid, this yearly travel has obviously not been an option and I was concerned that due to my routine and practice being disrupted, clarifying and formulating my ideas, may prove illusive.  Interestingly for me, however, another process occurred – I “excavated” my lexicon of imagery, it was meditated on and recomposed – coinciding with learning to meditate and finding some stillness from within.”

Pictured image: Entwine, Oil and mixed media on board, 820 x 1015 mm, Framed (860 x 1060 mm), Signed

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