Exhibition | Black Door Gallery | Phil Hanson

Summer at the sea: February 2021

Auckland artist Phil Hanson has enjoyed, along with many New Zealanders, making the most of summer and visiting some favourite local seaside spots. As a landscape painter he arrives to such places with a keen eye, on the look out for compelling compositions, light effects and unique viewpoints.

This summer Phil Hanson has embarked on new canvases depicting scenes of Auckland and Taranaki.

Utilising a sizeable canvas Hanson’s Blazing dawn over the Waitemata captures Auckland with dramatic effect at the break of day. The composition was captured on a boat trip that required the artist to swiftly capture the fleeting light effects of the morning. While, Taranaki Coastal Reflections transports you to the rugged sandstone cliffs and black sand beaches iconic to the area, glistening in the daylight.

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