Exhibition | Black Door – JOHN AND ALICE TOOMER

Father and Daughter: 6 May – 20 May

Join us for our next exhibition Father and Daughter, featuring new works by John and Alice Toomer. This exhibition will present two distinct styles of realist painting from one artistic family.

John Toomer is a well-established Dunedin based artist who has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Painting in both oil and acrylic, Toomer’s work depicts scenes of Otago and surrounding Southern Regions. His pieces offer a dramatic interplay of stark settings and serene moods intensified by his expressive handling of light and shadow.

Wellington based artist Alice Toomer has gained a reputation for her ultra-sweet photorealistic acrylic paintings of confectionery and desserts. Using acrylic paint as her primary medium, Alice operates at an impressive level of intricacy, generating life-like lighting and texture in her work.

Header image: John Toomer, `Miner’s Church at Serpentine – Maniototo”, Oil on Canvas

Below image: Alice Toomer, “Sour Worms”, Acrylic on Panel

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