Exhibition | Rosie Cafè – John Crawford

Aerial Nudes 15 June – 28 July

This Aerial Nude series was created between 1981 and 1987, and came about because of my fascination of a birds eye view, looking straight down. All were shot on 35mm colour film, composed in frame, with no image manipulation.
My intention in each of the Aerial Nudes images was to find a very graphic and abstract scene, where you would never expect to see a nude. The sensual form of the strategically placed nude, albeit very small, would be in total contrast to the other hard angular components within the image. The size of the body is tiny in relation to the whole picture, creating a perfect measure of scale. To me this emphasises the point that we as human beings are infinitesimal in relation to the scale of the landscape around us, yet we are capable of creating absolute mayhem with our environment. Each photograph contains some form of manmade structure, which over time will vanish and be replaced by others.

Pictured image: Nude and 24 cars

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