The fire inside: eating at Auckland’s most remarkable restaurant

Simon Wilson from the Spin Off recently dined at Pasture, the restaurant that cooks with fire and fermentation and a very singular vision.

His verdict…

It was very fine. Was it perfect? No. But then, perfection isn’t in the dish, despite what chefs might think. It’s not even something chefs make, although they do make it possible. Perfection is something the diner, you, me, if we’re of a mind, if our hearts incline that way, are overcome by. Perfection is in the moment of eating. I’ve had that at Pasture.

This year in the Cuisine Good Food Awards, Pasture became a Cuisine 2 hats restaurant. Ed Verner was named Chef of the Year and Laura Verner’s drinks won the award for Best Drinks List. In this year’s Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards, Pasture was named Best New Restaurant, won runner-up for Best Fitout and was a finalist for the Food for Good award. Ed and Laura were finalists for Restaurateur of the Year and Ed was a finalist for Best Chef.

The full in-depth article can be read here.

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