Inspiring change in practical ways

Sustainability seminars

We all know how important sustainability is and that meaningful sustainability can change our future. We also know it’s no longer a choice for business – but a mandate. But not all small to medium size businesses have the resources and knowledge to respond.

The Parnell Business Association is embarking on a series of webinars to educate and inform its businesses on how to practically implement some sustainable actions, as small incremental changes can make a difference.

We’ll launch the series with a ‘green drinks networking event’ on Thursday April 8th April at Jasmax, (Covid Alert levels permitting) at which we’ll be introducing the topics for the online webinar series, plus it’s a chance to meet like minded people all keen to learn more about this journey.

The series will then kick off on Zoom on the 1st Thursday of each month from 6th May 9-10am. Each seminar will be approximately 45 mins long, plus allow time for questions and will include helpful resources and tools for small and medium size businesses.

The first three webinars are as follows.

What are the potential cost savings and benefits to businesses to use this resource wisely? Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only provider of 100% Renewable and carboNZero Certified electricity and will illustrate some practical options for every size business. Then Auckland Museum will share their learnings on solar power and how that has affected the beautiful night lighting of that iconic building.

Currently, 30% of what New Zealanders send to landfill consists of food waste. Food waste, combined with other waste generated by business can be greatly reduced with a few easy initiatives. Green Gorilla and Hungry Bins will show you exactly how much your office can accomplish.

The influence of conscious consumers on purchasing patterns can affect your business, but you could also be missing out if you are not sharing your sustainability efforts with your customers. Ecostore have pioneered sustainable packaging and consumer products and will share their perspective, then one of our leading Parnell ad agencies will talk about green marketing.

From July onwards we aim to cover other topics such as:
The Circular Economy
Living Buildings
Preparing for a low carbon economy
Low carbon infrastructure
Ethical Investing
Community Gardens
Balancing Profit and Purpose
Leasing to sustainably minded tenants
How to measure your carbon footprint

We would also like to hear from our members if they have any other topics they would like to see included, or if they would like to present a webinar.
*Times and dates may change, please refer to our website for updated details.

Six week composting trial

The Parnell Business Association in conjunction with Auckland Council supported a free six week composting trial for businesses in Parnell. There were several lockdown interruptions as we know last year and the final segment only took place in November. Nine businesses took part and over that short period 1,5 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill.

We aim to continue incentivizing businesses to be part of this initiative.

What about a Community Garden or Urban farm?

From time to time there have been suggestions for a Community Garden or Urban Farm in Parnell. This is an interesting idea and raises all sorts of questions and other good thoughts about who is involved? Where could it go? How large or small should it be, how many people want to eat this food? and what are the other linked opportunities that could help strengthen our community and ensure urban work and living in the 21st century is a positive experience?

The Parnell Business Association is facilitating this conversation on behalf of interested parties. If you would like to join this conversation, to really understand the issues around this opportunity and the explore the potential for our community to live and work well, please contact [email protected]

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