Kōtare lands in Parnell

Over the past year the Parnell Business Association has once again been working in conjunction with Chorus and artist Paul Walsh to beautify a Chorus Cabinet in Parnell.

To date there have been six cabinets completed, with ongoing plans for more to be painted in the near future.

The most recent addition is located outside 96 St Georges Bay Road. This cabinet is also a little special in that it is two sided – meaning two pieces of art can be displayed.

Artist Paul Walsh said he chose the kōtare (Sacred Kingfisher) for this location as they are commonly found throughout nearby Hobson Bay and that the kōtare is one of our most-loved birds. It always looks amazing, with its shimmering, iridescent blue/green flight feathers contrasting against a warm orange chest. Having essentially two canvases to work with meant that Paul could paint two portraits of kōtare; one on the wing (the side facing the road) which is the feature image, and one chomping down on a small mud crab (the side facing the footpath) pictured below.

If You know of a Chorus Cabinet that you think would benefit from beautification be sure to drop us an email ([email protected]) with the location of the cabinet and we’ll see what we can do.

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