In 2014, Parnell Inc. joined forces with Newmarket Business Association and submitted a strong opposition to various components of the new LAP (local alcohol policy) policy on behalf of the hospitality businesses in Parnell. We asserted that the proposed zoning would place both Parnell and Newmarket (with a 1am closing recommendation) at a distinct disadvantage to Ponsonby (with a 3am closing time) and the CBD. Public deliberations were completed last week. The zoning has been redrafted to two basic areas. Broad Area A – the CBD or city area between the motorways, (with an 8am to 4am maximum trading time) and Broad Area B for all other areas except priority overlays. The new recommended maximum trading hours are 8am to 3am.

We are extremely happy with the result of our intervention thus far. These recommendations will now form the Provisional LAP which will go to council’s Regional Strategy and Policy Committee in May to be approved, following which we will contact all the hospitality businesses with many of the finer details.

To read the Provisional Local Alcohol Policy, click here.

Overview of the Provisional LAP
The Provisional LAP has regional policies as well as some special rules for the City Centre and the Priority Overlay, which covers suburbs experiencing higher levels of alcohol-related harm.

Key policies in the Provisional LAP are:
Opening hours:
– regional off-licence hours of 9am to 9pm (e.g. bottle stores, supermarkets);
– regional on-licence hours of 8am to 3am (e.g. bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs), except for in the City Centre where on-licence hours will be 8am to 4am;
– club licence hours of 9am to 1am (e.g. sports clubs), with an allowance for RSAs to open at 5am on ANZAC Day; and
– special licence hours to be decided on a case-by-case basis.
– Restrictions on the location of new licences:
– a Local Impacts Report for higher-risk licence applications, which will include reporting on local schools and land uses;
– a two-year freeze on new off-licences in the Priority Overlay and the City Centre; and o a presumption against granting new off-licences in Neighbourhood Centres, and in the
Priority Overlay and the City Centre once the freeze expires.
– A Local Impacts Report for the renewal of higher-risk licences in the Priority Overlay to help with setting conditions.
– A range of discretionary conditions able to be applied to licences.

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