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    By submitting this form you agree to abide by the Association’s Constitution and follow all rules. Members must ensure that their contact details are kept current on the register either via contacting the Parnell Business Association or by submitting/updating this form when relevant.
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If your business is located within the new expanded BID Boundary area, then you automatically have membership rights, (unless your business operates from a residential property which does not pay commercial rates). This means that you are entitled to a full listing with visuals and additional information. 

All Parnell BID eligible members are required to complete a membership form (Submit your business listing as opposite). Regardless of whether your business is already listed on the website, we encourage you to do this as comprehensively as possible so we can include all your relevant info on our database. You will also have further opportunities to update your listing and supply better visuals.

Please Note: If you are a landowner who does not want a listing on our website, please let us know, but complete the form regardless to validate your membership.

Non Members

If you are not an automatic member, and would like to become a member, Associate Membership opportunities are possible. Please contact our office. As a courtesy, we have listed as many businesses in Parnell as we have knowledge of. These will remain as abbreviated listings (no more info option), until the membership is validated.