Need a new year resolution?

Here are 4 plastics you can quit today!

Most plastic items we use in our everyday lives are only used once, yet they are designed to last forever.

Every bit of plastic that’s ever been made still exists on the planet – getting into our oceans and waterways; threatening wildlife and water quality.

Here are four easy plastics to quit today that will help our environment and save you money!

1. Takeaway coffee cups

The cups are lined with plastic which is not biodegradable. This plastic lingers around long enough to out-live us. Disposable does not mean recyclable.

Do this instead: Use a KeepCup – there are many reusable coffee cups you can choose from that are on the market. You’ll soon be stashing it in your bag for your daily caffeine on the go fix!

2. Give up the bottle – plastic water bottles

It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose, and can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose.

Do this instead: Drink from a tap. Invest in a Soda Stream. Take a reusable bottle with you in your bag and fill up at public water fountains, at cafes or at work.

Stainless steel and glass water bottles are safer and more earth-friendly. There are also many companies manufacturing BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic water bottles.

3. Straws

Do you really need one? Plastic straws end up in our beaches, rivers and water-ways and eventually then get ingested by marine life.

Do this instead: Sip your drink. Or use a biodegradable straw or invest in a stainless steel reusable straw. And keep it in your bag so it goes everywhere with you.

4. Plastic shopping bags

Kiwis use more than 600 million new plastic shopping bags every year. These bags are now being banned by local supermarkets and retailers to help reduce our plastic consumption.

Do this instead: Always keep reusable bags in your car so it becomes a new habit every time you take a trip to the shops. Keep a fold-able shopping bag in your daily bag so you don’t get caught out without it.

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