New daytime eatery Cornelia opens in Parnell

Please join us in welcoming Cornelia to Parnell. This new eatery has just opened in Parnell, and brings its own casual yet welcoming Italian flair to the neighbourhood.

Situated at 289 Parnell Road, Cornelia is a daytime eatery (with licensing and later hours hopefully coming down the track) that specialises in tasty, fresh, Italian-style bites, appropriate for a wholesome yet flavourful breakfast or lunch.

Fabio Buonomo and his partner in life and business Lena Solomon have both long harboured dreams of running their own restaurant business — and now, the experienced hospitality duo has realised this goal with the opening of their charming cafe Cornelia.

Cornelia specialises in made-to-order Italian paninis — but banish any associations you might have of the word with mid-noughties, flat toasted creations. In Italian, panini simply means sandwiches, and at Cornelia these are assembled in tasty Il Forno baguettes, generously stuffed with various fillings.

Rosie Herdman from Denizen recently visited and Buonomo and Solomon told her that fundamentally, they are keen to connect with the local community and be a reliable go-to for a tasty bite and a great coffee.

You can read the full Denizen article here.

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