Non Solo Pizza unveils a brand new look

Everyone’s favourite Parnell Italian institution has been running smoothly for 24 years, and now Non Solo Pizza has been brought stylishly into the 2020s with a spiffy new look and delectable updated menu.

Denizen visited recently and found the interior transformed (by Paul Izzard and his award-winning team), along with the ever-coveted courtyard. The new green and white-striped banquet seating, marble tables and ample plants, transports customers to a Tuscan garden, making it the perfect venue for a long Italian-style lunch with friends and family.

The new menu is bold and vibrant, simple and fresh but with updated classics, new flavours, techniques and ingredients to love.

NSP’s have also refreshed their cocktail list to feature both familiar and evolved takes on Italian classics. Make sure you don’t miss the dedicated Negroni menu, and the legendary Non Solo aperitivo hour which will continue between 5PM and 7PM every day, with complimentary, freshly-shucked oysters and small menu bites circulating.

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