In an effort to change the way we shop for food and achieve package-less pantries, brothers and eco-warriors James and Paul Denton have launched a second outpost of their zero waste supermarket, GoodFor.

The new site can be found beside the La Cigale markets on St George’s Bay Road in Parnell. The opening is a variation on the Ponsonby site with even more space and a large communal bench that will allows customers to leave their shopping and navigate the store without straining their biceps. Following the original GoodFor format, the store will provide everything for a waste-free lifestyle, from glass jars and bottles, organic cotton shopping bags through to bamboo tooth brushes and stainless steel thermal drinking bottles, as well as ecostore cleaning and personal hygiene products.

As if GoodFor wasn’t guilt-free enough, they also have a special deal going with the charity ‘Trees For The Future’ where for every purchase made at their stores GoodFor donates the means to plant a tree to the charity.

So if you’re in the Parnell area grab some jars and head on down to the GoodFor store.

The Details:

Where: 79 St George’s Bay Road, Parnell

When: Open 10am – 7pm weekdays and 8am – 4pm on weekends

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