Our favourite places to eat and drink in Parnell

Denizen tells us their favourite places to eat and drink in Parnell, from early morning to late at night. “Parnell is experiencing something of a second coming. The beautiful suburb, long admired for its sleek homes and refined residents seems to be adding more and more culinary destinations to its ranks, and we’re not mad about it”.

Featuring Daily Bread, Bowl and Arrow,Cali Press for early morning options, Simon & Lee, Winona Forever, Rosie, Goodness Gracious and Domain & Ayr for ‘breakfast and beyond’. Quench your thirst options are Barulho and Pineapple on Parnell, with dinnertime a feast of suggestions including Woodpecker Hill, Kopio, Han, Cibo, Pasture, Fang, Merry Mumbai and Gerome sharing the limelight.

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