Parnell has the best takeaway pizza in town

As a bastion of Italian cuisine, the humble, hearty pizza never fails to delight both the eyes and the stomach.  And it’s no secret that Parnell has some of the best pizzas in town.

This was recently confirmed by Denizen who rounding up a few of their favourites.

Di Vino Bistro
The generous selection on offer at this Parnell favourite can make for a difficult dining decision. But with no bad choices on the takeaway menu, there’s really no going wrong. If you do prefer a little guidance, however, the Napoli hits the mark, every time.

Non Solo Pizza
A neighbourhood favourite for over 25 years, Non Solo Pizza welcomes all with open arms — and nothing feels like a virtual hug, in the meantime, more than one of its delicious pizzas. Our top pick is the Porchetta with slow-cooked pork, roasted mushrooms and rosemary.

Click here to read Denizens full list.

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