Parnell local favourites

In addition to great new openings such as Barulho and Fonda, Parnell boasts a range of places to eat, from cafes to fine dining and arguably one of the most diverse cultural foodie offerings in a single suburb. In addition to iconic top class fine dining you can do Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Korean, Nepalese, Japanese, Malaysian, Persian & Thai. Here are some local favourites not to forget!


Fang is so much more than just your average Asian fusion restaurant. Bold and brilliant, Fang won’t disappoint with scrumptious dishes designed to share. A visual feast from start to finish, you won’t regret paying Fang a visit.


Gerome in Parnell have come to be known for their delicious take on Greek cuisine. Meat, fish and seafood are cooked on the chargrill and wood-fire then paired with the best Aegean cheeses, herbs and flavours.


Modern Korean restaurant serving fine Korean cuisine with a western twist. Charcoal BBQ at the table and Korean premium Hwayi soju, crafted beers and wines. Great atmosphere!


This cosy, welcoming space has the formula just right — the food tastes and looks exciting, says Jesse Mulligan. Newly named NEM is now a restaurant that feels simultaneously cosy, private and welcoming as soon as you arrive.

Oh Calcutta

Time has proven, with exceptional service and high culinary standards, Oh Calcutta is now firmly established as one of New Zealand’s foremost restaurants for North Indian cuisine. Serving a wide range of traditional dishes our chefs believe in the importance of the finest ingredients and attention to detail when preparing our meals.

Parnell 149

Situated in the heart of Parnell they offer great food and a stylish ambiance with a variety of traditional and modern dishes

Simon & Lee

Well known for their irresistible and tasty Korean influences, the menu will be a mix of modern cafe food alongside traditional Korean dishes.

Woodpecker Hill

Woodpecker Hill is where the flavours of Asia meet the wood-smoked succulence of American Barbecue. Meltingly smokey, slow-cooked meats take on the tastebud-popping zing of lemongrass and ginger, coriander and chilli, cumin and Vietnamese mint.

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