Parnell Station

Parnell Station officially opens!

After several years of negotiations, allocations and adjustments of budgets,the Parnell Station will officially open from 13th March, 2017.

The station was first proposed by ARTA transport planners in 2005 (predecessors of KiwiRail and Auckland Transport) and we are thrilled this has finally eventuated as we see the Parnell Station as an important and crucial link in the future of Parnell. Many thanks to several persons and groups who have lobbied, over time and obstacles to make this happen – with special thanks to Councillor Mike Lee, who has been there from the start.

The station is located in the Waipapa Valley between Parnell and the Auckland Domain, some distance north of the Parnell Tunnel.

The new station, at the foot of Cheshire Street, will be developed in 2 stages.

  • Stage 1 includes a basic station and platforms.
  • Initial basic station will be connected via the existing underpass which also connects Parnell and the Auckland Domain.
  • The old Newmarket Station has been relocated to the site and is being refurbished externally.
  • A new path from the station to Carlaw Park/Nicholls Lane and Stanley Street is under development. Joint funding has been provided by the Waitamata Local Board.
  • Ticket gates will be installed later in 2017.
  • Stage 2 will comprise further enhancements to improve the station access. The dates and funding for these works are to be confirmed.
  • When the full station is in full use, more than 2,000 passengers are forecast to get off the train at Parnell in morning peaks. 

Timetable and running times

  • Parnell Station will open, served initially by Southern Line trains with Western Line trains only stopping in evenings and weekends as reflected in the new timetables.
  • Onehunga line trains will skip Greenlane, Remuera and Parnell stations. This is said to be to speed up services enough that it frees up a 3-car train.
  • If you are travelling on the Onehunga line, you will need to disembark at Newmarket and connect to the Southern Line to stop in Parnell.
  • The full operation of the station is postponed until the closure of the Sarawia Street level crossing. 
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Heritage Station Building

In 2005 Ontrack and ARTA (predecessors of KiwiRail and Auckland Transport), put forward plans to build a major new station at Newmarket and argued they first needed to demolish the old Newmarket station building. Auckland Regional Councillors objected to that. In the words of Mike Lee, “Built in 1908 and designed by the architect George Troup (known as ‘Ginger Bread’ Troup who designed the famous Dunedin Station), it was only one of five historic station buildings still on site on the Auckland commuter network. In other words it was a heritage building. So we opposed its demolition and sought ways to integrate it into the new station complex. Early in March 2006, it was agreed that the station building be preserved and relocated to a suitable nearby site i.e. the historic Waipapa Valley in Parnell”.

Just before Christmas 2016, the station building was relocated from storage in Swanson and work has begun on the external refurbishment. 

Pathway to Carlaw Park

Parnell Station is estimated to become the 4th busiest station on the network as a result of its proximity to the University. A pathway is being constructed between the station and the Carlaw Park campuses which is due for completion later in 2017. From there, students will be able to continue down Nicholls Lane and up to the University.

It is not advised that students use this link until the pathway is completed.