Parnell Waiters' Race Terms & Conditions 2018


We welcome you as a participant of the Parnell Waiters’ Race!

Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. Registrations into The ‘Parnell Waiters’ Race (the Event) are accepted from restaurants only.
2. A restaurant may enter a maximum of two waiters. Entry is open to all New Zealand residents.
3. An entry fee of $30.00 is required for each competitor. Entry fees MUST be paid before any prizes can be claimed.
4. Restaurants will be required to confirm competitor details no less than 2 weeks prior to the Event itself.
5. Competitors must be over the age of 18 years.
6. All judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
7. The Event is a fun community event but with a competitive edge. As such, competitors agree to follow the Rules and Code of Conduct.
8. The winner agrees to have their photo used for publicity purposes by Parnell Business Association and the Waiters’ Race sponsors.
9. Parnell Business Association will not be liable for any additional costs or responsibilities relating to any of the Prizes.
10. Any display of promotional material/product from any supplier featured at the Waiters’ Race does not constitute an endorsement of the supplier or product/s by Parnell Business Association.
11. All terms and conditions relating to prizes are at the discretion of the Sponsor.
12. The Parnell Waiters’ Race will take place rain or shine. Contestants are required to wear their work uniform, however, appropriate stable footwear for outdoors and the weather conditions on the day must be worn. The race organisers will take every step to ensure that each activity is as safe as possible for racing. Contestants must take all measures to ensure they race in a safe manner. The organisers will not be held responsible for any injuries caused by reckless behaviour. St John’s will be onsite.
13. Parnell Business Association reserves the right to cancel the Waiters’ Race at any time. Keep an eye on the Parnell FB page for updates.
14. Parnell Business Association reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.
15. It is up to each Restaurant to make sure that on the day of the race, the total number of waiters entered, turn up. In the instance of a waiter being unable to make it, the restaurant must fill the place with another waiter.
16. The ‘Parnell Waiters’ Race’ (the Event) is owned by Parnell Business Association. Parnell Business Association can be contacted in relation to this Event at 2 York Street, Parnell, Auckland, phone (09) 379 0606, email [email protected]


HOUSE OF TRAVEL PARNELL terms and conditions |2018 Parnell Waiters Race

  1. The prize is for one return Economy Class ticket from Auckland TBC return including 5 nights in single room accommodation.
  2. The airline and accommodation provider will be determined by House of Travel Parnell.
  3. Tickets are subject to booking class availability on nominate dates and flights.
  4. Names as per passports must be provided to House of Travel Parnell by the date provided to the winner by House of Travel Parnell.
  5. Travel Visas etc. are the responsibility of the winner.
  6. The winner is responsible to have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity at the time of travel.
  7. The prize is not refundable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash or foreign exchange and we always recommend that the winner purchase travel insurance.
  8. Entering the competition constitutes a winner’s consent to be photographed and/or interviewed by House of Travel Parnell and for House of Travel Parnell to use his or her name and city/town of residence for publicity purposes without compensation. This includes House of Travel’s website, direct and social media channels and PR.
  9. The winner will be determined on Sunday 18 November 2018.
  10. If the winner has not confirmed receipt of the prize by 15 December at 5pm, the prize will be forfeited and will be rewarded to the next in line. This will be done and new winner notified by 20th December at 5 pm.


Additional terms and conditions for the winner |2018 Parnell Waiters Race

  1. By participating in this competition, entrants confirm acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions of this competition.
  2. If for any reason this promotion is not capable of running as planned, due to any cause beyond the control of the promoter which corrupts or affects the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, the promotion may be abandoned or postponed at the unfettered discretion of the promoter.
  3. The decisions made by sponsors on all matters relating to this competition are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The sponsors providing prizes to winning participants reserve the rights to verify the validity of an entry or a winner’s right to redeem the prize in accordance with these terms and conditions. All sponsors reserve the right to amend the prizes offered and these terms and conditions and at their absolute discretion cancel the competition at any time and without prior notice.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, Parnell Business Association and event sponsors exclude any liability they may have to you arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this competition.
  5. Any personal information collected as part of this competition will be held by sponsors in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. You have the right to access, update and correct such information. 

Competitor Rules & Code of Conduct:

Following are the Rules and Code of Conduct for a competitor in this year’s event. Good luck!!

While the purpose of the event is to have fun and for everyone to enjoy, it is recognised, with the prizes on offer, that it will be a competitive event to some. As such, there are rules that will guide the competition races. Any digression could lead to disqualification. In competing you agree to abide by the Rules & Code of Conduct.


1. The ‘Parnell Waiters’ Race’ (Event) is designed to test your skill, agility, speed and professionalism as a waiter.
2. All participants will be required to wear their restaurant attire and registration number on the front and back of their uniform before taking part in any heat. You may wear running shoes – but they must have sturdy soles and appropriate for the weather conditions.
3. All participants must attend the pre-race briefings, which will include course details and health & safety for each activity. These briefings will be held prior to the event so all participants must pay attention to time on-site and safety requirements.
4. The Event comprises a series of different activities with heats.
5. We reserve the right to move waiters to another heat once one is filled.
6. Each individual activity will have heats, if numbers require this, with place getters of each heat going on to the next activity. The race activities will be held in Fraser Park.
7. In any of the race activities competitors are permitted to speed walk only, no running is allowed. Offenders will be disqualified.
8. A ‘fun’ challenge activity (Race three) will consist of one waiter from each restaurant competing. There is a prize for the winner of this.
9. It is the responsibility of each competitor to be at the starting line area at the scheduled time. Parnell Business Association takes no responsibility if you miss your heat. It will be up to the judges to let you into another heat if space is available.
10. All entrants agree to abide by the Rules and Code of Behaviour of the Parnell Waiters’ Race.
11. All decisions on the course will be determined by the judges and their call will be the final decision. No correspondence will be entered into.
12. If there is a false start in the finals, that person is disqualified.
13. The first race activity will begin at 11.00am in the car park next door to La Cigale French Market, followed by Races two and three ending at approximately 12pm, with time for lunch before the finals start at around 1pm. Race participants must ensure they are at each activity 15 minutes before the first heat begins to receive the briefing. Exact times for race starts may vary according to conditions out of our control, such as weather.


1. Participants are to follow the announcements of the race starter, and line up giving each participant room for a clean start. Participants must follow the instructions/route in each event.
2. There will be sideline judges on the course to monitor proper decorum of the race participants so that all competitors have a fair opportunity to race.
3. If you are not racing (or lining up for the next heat) you must stay off the track (finish line congestion). If you are asked to move and do not, you may be asked to leave.
4. Place getters from each heat must report to the registration desk to report their place so that heats can scheduled in the next round or activity.
5. We reserve the right to refuse any racer to compete for misconduct and we will retain entry fee.
6. Any racer who passes the finish line and deliberately throws their race equipment (be it spoon, tray etc.) will be disqualified.


Once all the heats of each division have been completed, the finalists will be announced as to who will advance to the finals.
1. The ruling of a judge will be followed if a race infraction is observed.
2. All participants will be required to wear their restaurant attire during the race.
3. REMEMBER speed walking only is permitted, NO running.

Activity One – Agility Race, thanks to Southern Hospitality

Egg & Spoon Race – La Cigale car park
Briefing 10.45am; 11.00am start
1. There will be no more than 8 heats of 5 competitors (dependent on the number registered to race).
2. The first THREE place getters from each heat will go through to Activity Two.

Once all the heats of this division have been completed, the top 3 from each heat will advance to the next division. You need to ready to be briefed for the next activity prior to racing. 

Activity Two – Quick Service Race, thanks to Restaurant Association

Oyster on a Tray Race – La Cigale car park
Briefing approx 11.30am; Start 11.45am
1. There will be multiple heats (to be announced on the day).
2. Placegetters will be announced on the day from each heat go through to the finals.

Activity Three – Restaurant challenge, thanks to House of Travel Parnell

“Eiffel Tower” creation on a tray Race – La Cigale car park
Briefing approx 12pm; approx 12.15pm start
This activity is a restaurant challenge whereby one waiter from each represented restaurant will compete. This DOES NOT count towards the Waiters’ Race finals but is designed as a spectator activity to keep finalists warmed up and to test waiters waiting skills in patience, agility and controlling a situation. There will be prizes available!
1. Restaurants will have a race off, in which a Tower will be stacked onto a tray using glasses and the waiter will then carry the tray a short distance, using only one hand.
2. There will be 5 heats of competitors.
3. Place getters will be scored on speed and the number of glasses remaining on the tray and in the shape of a Tower at the end.

Celebrity Race – 6 competitors

Competitors will carry a loaded tray of two wine glasses half-filled and the remainder of the beverage and bottle on the tray.
Briefing; 12.45pm; Start 1pm
Race will comprise 2 heats of 3 celebrity contestants. First place getter of each goes through to the final. 

Parnell Waiters’ Race FINALS!

Competitors will carry a loaded tray of two wine glasses half-filled and the remainder of the beverage and bottle on the tray.
Briefing approx 1.15pm; start 1.30pm
1. Once at the starting line with your tray loaded you can arrange the items to your liking, but you can’t change the level of liquids in the glasses.
2. While a schedule of heats will be available, it is your responsibility to be at the starting line area at your allocated time. If you miss your heat, it will be up to the judges to let you in another heat if space is available.
3. Competitors will be timed during each heat and amount of spillage measured.
4. The first round will comprise heats of 3 contestants – the winner of each heat will go through to the next round of heats.
5. The second round of heats will comprise heats of 2 contestants – the winner of each heat goes through to the final heat.
6. Once the race begins you will not be allowed to provide any assistance to the items on top of your tray. You must speed walk only, with only one hand completely under the tray. If you attempt to keep an item on the tray with the other hand or use the other hand or your BODY to stabilise the tray you will be disqualified. Thumbs/fingers are not allowed on the edge to the tray.
7. Race winners will be those who pass the finish line with all items still on top of the tray, with the least amount of spillage. If glasses/cups or the wine bottle have fallen but are still on top of the tray at the finish you have successfully completed the run, but factors such as spillage and speed may determine who goes through to the next round of heats.
8. If glasses or the wine bottle fall off the tray during the race we will have volunteers who will clean-up the debris prior to the next race. DO NOT pick up bottles or glasses.
9. As a courtesy to event staff, spectators and other participants, do not pour liquid out of the bottles/ glasses or spray.
10. Do not throw trays or glasses/bottles. It can pose a safety hazard and could disqualify a participant from future events. You must return your tray to the start finish line. We also remind you wear shoes with a sturdy bottom.

REMEMBER speed walking only is permitted, no running. The first race will begin at 1pm, weather permitting. The Parnell Waiters’ Race would not be possible without the following sponsors.