Parnell’s Cibo The Whole Package

If you are looking for the whole package, delivered by an outstanding team with an outrageous sense of fun, then as Cuisine recently decleared a visit to this Parnell stalwart is simply a must.

In brief, they tell us that Cibo is exuberant, luxuriant, and an unadulterated dining pleasure.

There is a reason they say that certain restaurants survive in these uncertain times. A meal at Cibo leaves you feeling that all is almost as it should be, despite our current anxiety and fear. It’s a restaurant run by people who love nothing more than to feed us all and who have been doing that with great talent and finesse for many years.

It’s about the menu, featuring great technique, impeccable skill, fresh flavours, magnificent dessert and cheese options, and their legendary pavlova. If you know, you know…

It’s about their chef, Kate Fay who is highly respected within the hugely competitive New Zealand restaurant industry, with over 20 years of experience, and is known for her elegant menus which are confident and ever-evolving.

And it’s about their team, owner and host Jeremy Turner, who continues to polish and evolve the art of the restaurant, which has become his life’s work. He takes great care of his team and they reflect that care with both skillful service and exhilarating performance that comes from the heart.

You can read more about Jeremy Turner here in a recent article that featured in Verve.

Cuisine’s full article about Cibo is available to read here.

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