Parnell’s Han Restaurant – One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Auckland

In a group of friends, there’s usually at least one person that is vegetarian. But whether it’s due to health reasons, moral obligations or just a matter of personal preference, somebody’s choice to be vegetarian should not mean that they miss out on what Auckland’s dining scene has to offer. A number of the best restaurants in this city including Parnell’s very own Han feature meat-free dishes that are so good, even the carnivores rave about them. Denizen recently visited and had this to say about Han.

Korean BBQ is not all that Parnell’s Han Restaurant brings to the table. Meat is a very prominent component in Korean cuisine but vegetables have equal importance. The modern Korean restaurant is home to the tastiest tofu tacos and the best bibimbap this city has to offer. Different to any bibimbap we’ve ever seen, this bowl features an array of sautéed vegetables and a fried kimchi leaf, followed by seed crackers to add a heavenly crunch to the dish. To make it even better, this can be turned vegan on request which opens it up for even more people to enjoy.

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