Pasture & Cibo named in Auckland’s Top 50 Restaurants For 2021

We are delighted to see two of our Parnell establishments Pasture and Cibo named in Viva’s first ever Top 50 Auckland Restaurants Awards as recently judged by Albert Cho and Jesse Mulligan.

What was said about Pasture:

Pasture is the Auckland restaurant most likely to make an international list. Chef Ed Verner’s cooking is flawless, breathtaking, exacting, and while the project of dining out here can sometimes feel intimidating, everyone should eat here once every year or two. Restaurants with this sort of ambition can sometimes feel like laboratories but this only ever feels like Ed’s place, and the open fire where he does much of his cooking reminds you that, while he has a modernist’s touch, he also knows the value of primitive techniques. The drinks menu is its own degustation, with a range of non-alcoholic ferments that make the list as satisfying for teetotallers as for lushes like us. – JM

For obvious reasons, Pasture was the strongest contender for supreme winner. Ed Verner has a talent that we don’t see very often and he has created a restaurant that is undeniably world-class. The wagyu and sourdough with cultured butter are some of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth and everyone should dine at Pasture at least once in their life. If you have the money, perhaps make it an annual occasion. It’s challenging, at times genius, but our criteria for the supreme winner highlights accessibility — an element that Pasture doesn’t fully embody despite its casual dress code. – AC

What was said about Cibo:

One of my favourite restaurants to visit when I’m not reviewing, it’s in my shadow top 10 and serves up some of the best food in the city, in a great and unexpected environment, with a long-serving team on the floor who know how to keep their customers happy. – JM

A big congratulations to all the restaurants listed and thank you to Viva for the great recommendations. The full list of nominated restaurants can be found here.

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