Rebuilding the past for the future

The Parnell Station is the talk of the town since it opened in March.

It has enabled many Parnell employees to access the precinct with greater ease and we look forward to the connection to Carlaw Park and the University by the end of the year.

The Station building itself is seeped in history, which is something Parnell prides itself on.

Designed and built by railway architect George Troup in 1908 it is one of the five historic station buildings still on site in the Auckland commuter network. The restored station served its former community of Newmarket for a century and in 2008 the station was put into storage. After an eight-year hiatus, the station was relocated to Parnell, to be restored and made beautiful again under the guardianship of KiwiRail. KiwiRail have retained the original heritage by restoring the doors and windows to their original appearance and functionality, as well as the badly corroded stanchions of the veranda surrounding the building which have been restored and strengthened too. Every component of the building has been inspected and its structural integrity assessed to ensure a meticulous external restoration.

The station building has been restored to its former glory and is an example of what Parnell stands for – the old, embracing the new, with the intention of moving forward into the future refreshed and excited, focused on growth and success.

You can read more about the Parnell Train Station Timetable, Running Times and Pathway to Carlaw Park here.

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