Review | Boxer Is An Experimental Bar Unlike Anything Else In Auckland

The intimate dining experience is a challenging, exhilarating addition to the world’s food scene.

There is nothing like Boxer in Auckland and might not be anything like it on Earth (it’s hard to say for sure as we haven’t been able to check the rest of Earth recently).

Jesse Mulligan recently visited Parnell’s Boxer giving it a 20/20 review for Viva, telling us that we should happily spend our 2021 holiday budget here, knowing that a meal in this room is about the most distant place you can currently travel!

Describing Boxer as more like the set of a science fiction movie, where you happen to be served a lot of great food and drink.

Visitors sit facing in one direction on a limited number of tables while, in front of them, chef Ed Verner and beverage expert Hillary Eaton perform culinary magic tricks.

Behind the druids is a large machine that looks like it’s in charge of bringing Frankenstein to life, though of course, because this is Ed, it’s instead a new way of bringing ingredients to life: a distiller in more ways than one.

At Boxer you feel you could almost be in their lounge (or perhaps the lounge of a friendly alien), with little touches like a vinyl record player adding the warm personality — which is crucial when you’re drinking somebody’s science project.

The drinks are extremely fun, and you should do the full alcoholic match if at all possible. And with the drinks comes the food, which is not secondary so much as the perfect second half of the whole.

To read the full review recently published in Viva click here.

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