Review | Neil Driver: A Painter of Light

Ahead of his first exhibition at Parnell Gallery in four years, Verve review the works of celebrated South Island painter, Neil Driver. From breathtaking landscapes spied through meticulously detailed interiors to captivating still life works featuring vessels, blooms and fruit, his works evoke serenity, calm, and presence with effortless grace. This gifted artist brings life and beauty to the simplest objects, such as a collection of timeworn pots reflecting brilliance through its still-shining glaze, or a freshly picked plum resplendent in its delicate coating of white wax bloom.

Driver’s paintings exude a timeless quality, shadow and light punctuating the scene with a gentle and lasting stillness.

His works are held in private collections worldwide and in public collections at the Hocken Library, Department of Foreign Affairs, Bank of New Zealand and State Services Commission.

Verve’s full article is available to read here.

Neil Drivers upcoming exhibition ‘New Works’ will be on display at Parnell Gallery 263 Parnell Road from 27 July – 10 August

Pictured image: ‘Pears and Yellow Pots’, acrylic on board, 1080 x 870mm

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