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Enjoy some of the most diverse shopping in Auckland.  No other Auckland suburb provides the magic of what Auckland’s oldest suburb has on offer, so if you want the best shopping in Auckland, come to Parnell.

Parnell is surrounded by Auckland city suburbs that encourage the ‘shop en masse mall culture’, a hyperactive style of shopping. To shop in Parnell however, is an experience that doesn’t need to be rushed or hectic.

Parnell offers a unique Auckland shopping experience whether it is home décor, fine art, fresh flowers, a special gift  or diamonds that you’re after – Parnell is the space you’ll find something that will delight and impress. So, wander and explore a world of superior design stores, fabulous restaurants, fine art, and quirky shops that offer a certain something you just can’t find anywhere else in Auckland.

The Strand, Parnell has some of the most renowned furniture stores in Auckland if you’re looking to revamp your home décor. Parnell Road is the perfect place to go if you’d like to wander through some of the most beautiful Art Galleries in Auckland  offering stunning work from both NZ Artists as well as well-known international names and works.

As Auckland’s oldest suburb, Parnell speaks to heritage and culture and shopping for Kiwiana is recommended if you’re spending the day in Parnell and want to take a gift home to remember the quaint Auckland suburb by. Consider Parnell more ‘boutique’ when it comes to shopping in Auckland. You’ll find NZ fashion and international fashion, NZ art and international art, you’ll find jewellery that has been selected and designed by some of Auckland’s finest Jewellers, furniture sourced from far flung parts of the globe and only available in NZ through Parnell décor retailers.

Shopping in Parnell, whatever it may be for, means you’ll be going home with something unique, as well as an experience to remember.