Super-premium Chinese degustation restaurant to open in Parnell

A new restaurant – centred around communist revolutionary leader Mao Zedong – will be a “game changer” for the Chinese food scene in Auckland.

The man behind Red Wall 1939, due to open next month at the Parnell Rose Garden, is Jian (Kevin) Liu, the grandson of Chairman Mao’s executive chef of over 20 years.

Offering fine dining Chinese cuisine, the degustation menu – offers a myriad of flavours based on Mao’s taste.

“This¬†super-premium Chinese restaurant will be a true game changer to how Kiwis think and see Chinese dining.”

Liu’s grandfather Ruming Cheng is recognised as one of China’s top chefs and one of just 16 to ever be awarded a culinary master title in China.

“I aim to shift away from the typical noodles, dumplings and fried rice that come to be associated with ‘Chinese food’,” Liu said.

“I want to present a degustation experience that’s totally new to New Zealand. ”

His restaurant in Dove Myer Robinson Park will specialise in dishes which were once only enjoyed by the Chinese elite in the Qing Dynasty and in Mao’s kitchen, but with a modern twist.

It will also offer a royal high tea, which comes with pastries using recipes dating back thousands of years.

The restaurant also has a mini exhibition area and VIP rooms decorated in the style of Mao’s guestroom, study and tea room.

Pictured image: Redwall’s silver chrysanthemum soup, tofu cut into 108 tiny slivers – a number used only by the royal family in ancient times.

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