Stunning new sculpture outside Jonathan Grant Galleries

Josh Olley pictured with his new 550 kg sculpture “Heads or Tails” outside Jonathan Grant Galleries in Parnell.

The impressive sculpture is made from a “Glacial Erratic Boulder” of Piemontite from the Mount Aspiring area.

Several million years ago this would have been sediment on the sea bed. Extreme heat and pressure in the uplifting tectonic plates in the Southern Alps have made the stone so hard that it can not be carved with a traditional steel chisel. The entire artwork has been sculpted by Josh using a diamond cutter and diamond grinding/cutting blades.

The bronze coin held between the finger tips was created by Josh’s wife Amelia using the lost wax method of casting.

Unless sold, the sculpture will be available for viewing through until July directly outside Jonathan Grant Galleries, 280 Parnell Road. Interested parties should contact Jonathan Grant Galleries directly.

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