Welcome to 2021. We hope you’ve had a refreshing break, washed off 2020 and are in the thick of enjoying summer trading. Now that the America’s Cup World Series has passed and we are looking forward to The Prada Cup (Jan 15-Feb 22) and The America’s Cup (Mar 6-15) we thought it was high time we said welcome back and here’s to a fabulous summer of activity in not only the wider Auckland area, but of course, Parnell!

The graceful art of sailing in one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, as celebrated by true seamen of passion, is what has led to the high tech version of yachting we are all watching today. So, between the charged excitement of the races, we will be encouraging visitors to take time to view the classics in Parnell.

For local Parnell businesses, there’s a range of activities that the Parnell Business Association has organised in the form of hospitality, shopping, history, walks, as well as events this summer. 

*Header image supplied by International Art Centre: Simon Williams, Sailing Day.


On Friday February 26th while Auckland is buzzing with the America’s Cup activity, Faraday Street in Parnell welcomes all to enjoy the very first ‘Faraday Festival’ as a part of the Auckland-wide summer festival Summernova.

With some of Auckland’s favourite retail and hospitality hot spots open till late, along with your favourite ‘festy food trucks’ parked up in Faraday, a pop-up street bar hosted by The Paddington Parnell, and entertainment by Little Sunday to create that perfect ‘Friday night vibe’, you’d be crazy to spend your evening anywhere else.


For lovers of Art we’ve specially organised professionally guided art tours of Parnell with White Glove Experiences.

In addition, we have a social campaign targeting Auckland visitors as well as reminding Auckland locals to discover or rediscover our beautiful parks and walks.

Whether for Aucklanders or those spending a few days in our City of Sails, Parnell is the space to be this summer for lovers of art and culture.


We are in regular contact with the Hotel Concierge Society (Les Clefs d’Or) to make sure that all non-quarantine hotels are aware of our unique hospitality and retail offering. 


To make sure Parnell is on all Auckland America’s Cup visitors ‘to do lists’ we have distributed Maps to all non-quarantine hotels with the goal of increasing foot traffic in Parnell during this period. 


Please note there are many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ around phrasing and communication regarding The America’s Cup. If you are considering doing any marketing for your own business in this regard, please read the ‘MEMA’ (Major Events management Act) guidelines in the link below as they have to be adhered to. 




Auckland Unlimited have developed a range of regulation compliant printed collateral you can use to dress up your business over this period. 


The Parnell Business Association are offering the first 30 customer facing businesses a 50% discount on what you order to dress up your businesses to a maximum of $100. We would really encourage you to go online (info below) and review the materials available. Once you have decided what to order, let us know at [email protected]