The bag reveals as much as it conceals.

Carried Away: Bags Unpacked a new exhibit coming to Auckland Museum showcases over 150 individual bags from their collection, many of which will be on display for the first time.

Every bag has a history, a story to tell – from haute couture fashion to cultural traditions. Bags can convey social standing, practical needs or be a statement of art.

This exhibition is truly global with over thirty countries represented. Highlights include an inrō from Japan, a useful accessory for pocketless kimonos, to a leather handbag from England, that carries a 1800’s London Underground map. Iconic fashion designers Issey Miyake and Gianni Versace also make an appearance.

Ranging from 1750’s to today, the design, materials, and techniques used to create what are both everyday objects and unique pieces of art and design are on display.

The bags will be on display in the Special Exhibitions Hall from Thursday the 13th of June – Sunday the 1st of December. Entrance to this exhibition is included in the Museum entry fee.

Image: Handbag, 1970s. Purchased with funds provided by the Charles Edgar Disney Art Trust, Auckland Museum Collection: 1995.56.12 Auckland Museum CC-BY

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