Topic of Interest: Franchising New Zealand Survey 2017

Recently Massey University Business School and Australia’s Griffith University published a survey of the franchise sector in New Zealand. It appears that New Zealand is the most franchised country per capita in the world with 631 different franchise systems and 37,000 franchise units.

The annual turnover for the franchise industry is put at $27.6 billion per annum. That figure is separate from motor vehicle sales and fuel retail sales.

The retail trade (non-food) accounts for 23% of the franchise sector and food retail comes third at 18%. Other sectors that are active in the franchise industry include cleaning, rental hire and real estate services, construction services and education and training.

It is calculated that the total number of people employed in New Zealand franchises is 124,000 of whom 7,400 are casual, 42,500 are part time and 74,000 are full time.

The franchise industry has increased significantly over the last five years. Franchising is a successful methodology for expanding businesses in New Zealand and suits the preference of many New Zealanders to be self employed or semi self employed. There are however a few cowboy style operators.

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