Parnell Artweek 2017, get hands on with ‘Handmade in Parnell’

This year, experience art in an array of forms and be delighted with the number of world class galleries all within easy walking distance.

Artweek in Parnell is Saturday 14th October this year, and promises to be a visual, experiential and textural delight! Feed the mind, nourish the soul and get hands-on. It’s the opportunity to experience the beauty of art, in all its forms and connect to craft.

You’re invited to roll your own candle, try your hand at watercolour, get up close and personal with the galleries and their exclusive exhibitions and learn what Parnell has to offer all year round during Artweek.

For a detailed outline of all the Parnell events such as Artist talks, bike tours, gallery events and exhibitions in Parnell, head to


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