WELCOME: Webb’s has arrived

New Zealand’s premier auction house has moved to Parnell and we are thrilled to be able to welcome them.

Webb’s is New Zealand’s premier auction service and it leads the market in the sale of fine art, jewellery, watches, rare books and fine wines. Webb’s has held regular specialist sales in areas such as modern and contemporary design, photography, Maori and Oceanic artifacts in addition to classic and vintage motorcycles. With a broad range of specialist staff, Webb’s offers a comprehensive Auckland, national and international marketing and appraisal service in addition to superior levels of expertise for our clients.

Don’t miss their first auction of Important Paintings & Contemporary Art scheduled to take place on April 9th. Click here to view.

About Webb’s

Webb’s history began in the early 1950s with founder and seminal contemporary art dealer Peter Webb holding a position as exhibitions officer at the Auckland Art Gallery. After opening his own gallery in 1974, Peter successfully introduced a regular programme of New Zealand Art Auctions that would bring about the gradual transformation of his business from a commercial art gallery into an auction house. With record sales and industry achievements Webb’s established its position as the first auction house in New Zealand formed to cultivate the secondary market for contemporary art.

After developing Webb’s through the decades into New Zealand’s leading auction house, Peter and Anne Webb eventually sold their controlling interest of the business to Mowbray Collectables in October 2013. Whilst continuing to honour the rich heritage of the fine art auction success Webb’s has made the ambitious goals of becoming Oceania’s leading auction house and becoming an essential hub for New Zealand’s creative industries.

This new stage in Webb’s history begins this year in Parnell in a newly renovated building at 23-25 Falcon Street Parnell with the first auction of Important Paintings & Contemporary Art scheduled to take place on April 9th.

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