White Night Parnell - 12th March 2016

White Night Parnell - Auction, Installations & Gallery Experiences

Making art and culture accessible to large audiences within public spaces, White Night in Parnell kicks off with a Charity Art Auction of Monkey art works as part of the Year of the Monkey celebrations, with proceeds in aid of Starship National Air Ambulance Service. 

White Night Parnell offers engaging gallery experiences and outdoor art installations to see and interact with – it’s free, fun and for all ages!

For six hours non-stop you will have your senses activated, your imagination inspired, get to explore human nature, have your thinking challenged and have the opportunity to interact with artists in helping create art works!

Pick up a map from one of the seven galleries, ask a White Night Parnell helper for one on the night or download one here.

Hop on and off the free Art Bus Tour at the top or bottom of Parnell Road where you can start your visual adventure in Parnell. Otherwise catch the convenient Link busses which go all the way up Parnell Road at regular intervals.

Monkey Auction

The Monkeys are being auctioned at 6.30 at Webb’s, Viewing from 11am, click here for more info.



Corner of Parnell Rd & St Stephens Ave
390 Parnell Road 

A delightfully vibrant and colourful transformation of an overlooked circular seat, using multi coloured leis. It calls attention and pays homage to the wonderfully rich Pasifika elements present in Auckland. Great for selfies!

Bev Goodwin is a multimedia artist who has had numerous solo exhibitions in New Zealand and Italy. Recent exhibitions include: Sculpture in the Gardens ( 2011, 2015) Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, Wire Awards, NZ Sculpture OnShore, The Big Egg Hunt and Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi (Australia).

ARTISTS: Whitecliffe Student Group “Journey”

Bus stops at top and bottom of Parnell Road 

Commuting by public transport has become increasingly more popular in Auckland, but has it ever been exciting? Be captivated and entertained by some treasure troves and magical objects on your usual gloomy bus stop wait. Make sure you don’t miss your bus!

The Whitecliffe Team are challenging the everyday mundane process of getting to and fro in Auckland city. The crew includes the likes of: Laura May, Bobbie Gray, Sophie Foster, Britti Absolum, Dana Chisholm , Simon Lundqvist, Clare Gemima, Arnix_Yung, Tabitha Van Der Westhuizen, Sam Liu who are all year 3 Students.

ARTIST: TIFFANY SINGH “The Colour of Light”

297 Parnell Road

Take the time to explore this interactive sensory experience of dense colour fields – swaying ribbons and gentle sounds of bells that activate the senses and inspire the imagination. 


295 Parnell Road
Performance Times: 8.15pm – 9.45 pm 

A Living, Breathing, Moving Art Installation. Explore the idiosyncracies of human nature as you watch the White Wall recreate a unique dining experience.

The White Wall : poetic-kinetic-sculpture improvisation movement ensemble who engage with their immediate environment in a very unique way. Their performances are candid and responsive. The White Wall are moving in nature and reflecting that through movement and stillness. Nature! – whether it is the urban nature or the green nature or human nature or…. Nature!


280 Parnell Road – above Jonathan Grant Galleries 

Just as the Maori cloak and colonial quilt gave warmth, comfort and protection, this cloak is a contemporary intersection of colonial techniques and indigenous fibres from the finest of vintage threads, to the mighty Harakeke. Let it protect this great cultural and spiritual land we call home and the people who live here.

Named after the artist’s late auntie Mihi Edwards who wrote books and poems about being a maori women growing up in rural New Zealand in the 1930s, including these words that inspire Davis in her love of fabric and fibres.
Kia tau te aroha ki a tatou katoa
I raro i te kahu o te rangimarie
Let us love each other in togetherness
Shelter beneath the cloak of peace, in happiness.

ARTIST: Claudia Recorean “WATER ON MARS”

272 Parnell Road – outside International Art Centre 

A monumental installation of flax structure, plastic pendants, aluminium and light.

Claudia is a Waitakere Trusts Awards 2016 winner.

ARTIST: Wei Lun Ha “The Big Colouring In”

285 Parnell Road 

Join in our supersized Big Colouring In project. Watch the artist create large scale designs on the wall and join in, colouring designs he’s created and adding them to the hoarding to create a supersized colourful design. Fun for all ages!

Wei Lun Ha is an emerging New Zealand artist, exploring and extending traditional Asian ink based practices using a calligraphy brush and a mix of non-traditional materials. He has twice been a finalist in the James Wallace Awards, won the WCCAC landscape awards in 2012 and Estuary Art Awards 2014

ARTIST: RAYMOND JENNINGS “Historic Parnell – 1920s”

Beside Black Door Gallery, 251 Parnell Road 

Transport yourself back in time through the detailed historic drawings of Raymond Jennings. Watch the artist at work. Marvel at the changes Parnell has gone through since the 1920s.

Performance Time: 6 – 10pm

Raymond Jennings brings the history of Parnell to our attention. Through carefully piecing together imagery of Parnell in the 1920s, we get a snapshot of what it felt like to walk these streets nearly 100 years ago. Jennings is an established artist working primarily with painting and drawing techniques, exploring themes of architecture, domestic environments and the New Zealand cultural milieu. To view or purchase works by Raymond Jennings visit Black Door Gallery at 251 Parnell Road.


218 Parnell Road 

Plastic bags are an integral part of our everyday lives. With only a small percentage being recycled, where do the others end up? Rolling and flying in the wind? Caught on fences along the length of the country, in the cities and in the sea … Will we see the light and change our behaviours surrounding their use and disposal?

Based in Nelson, Margaret Johnston’s art practice is ecologically based and is concept and process driven. She has an MFA from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design and regularly exhibits her work around New Zealand.

ARTIST: KARLEEN WINTERS “Trish Threw a Party and Everybody Came”

Heard Park, corner Ruskin Street and Parnell Road 

Join the artist as she creates a weird and wonderful cast of characters drawn all over her car! From the droll to the absurd, this is an open invitation to join her in a little freedom to express your own thoughts and ideas.

Winters usual medium is clay, where she creates beautifully rendered wall mounted plaques. However, recent work has seen her using text to explore the absurd and droll in life. For Karleen her work is an antidote to the constant barrage of information we face daily. Figures are used to illustrate her ‘stories’, their cartoon characters a further representation of absurdity.

ARTIST: PHIL BONHAM “Con – temporary Art or Contemporary Art”

Heard Park, corner Ruskin Street and Parnell Road 

Join the ‘Ruskin Road Workers’ for some ‘Happen’, as you ponder the secret to understanding Contemporary art, with the use of signs of our times.

Phil Bonham’s artwork reflects his conceptual interest in sustainability, social issues, Surrealism and signs.

ARTISTS: Simon Payton and Don Rutherford “Noughts and Crosses”

Heard Park, corner Ruskin Street and Parnell Road 

Come and join painter Simon Payton in a game of Noughts and Crosses or Tic Tac Toe, but using layers of vibrant coloured paint. Join in the fun and be part of a communal action painting.

Don Rutherford from Sweetpictures TV will facilitate the recording and projecting onto a screen of Simon’s painting process and audience involvement.

ARTIST:Paula Egginton “But I Fly”

Heard Park, corner Ruskin Street and Parnell Road 

Consider your transformative power while basking in the glow of Paula Egginton’s chrysalis tree symbolising your shining potential. Borrow butterfly wings for selfies.

But I fly is a work by emerging artist Paula Egginton which represents the shining potential she believes each of us possess to move beyond our formative shape into a better, brighter version of our selves. Paula is a Graphic Designer who consistently creates imagery and enjoys making sculptural objects in a variety of mediums.

ARTIST: FILANI MacasSEY “Pacific Tapa Project 2016”

Courtyard outside ASB, 145 Parnell Road 

Get involved with Filani Macassey, learning about Masi – Fijian tapa cloth painting. Filani brings the concept of the traditional communal village printing on Masi into a modern context. Add your touch to her communal art work.

Filani Macassey is a Fijian multimedia artist who works primarily with Pacific Tapa. She graduated with a BFA from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2007 and has exhibited in several countries.


Performing at various venues along Parnell Road
6.30pm Library steps, 390 Parnell Road
7.15pm Parnell Village, 323 Parnell Road
8.00 pm Steps of Puma Building, 218 Parnell Road
8.30pm Tunnel at 223 Parnell Road next to Alfresco 

Find White Night harmony as The Souls take you on an a capella trip through space and time with Parnell-inspired pop-up and processional performances.

From Renaissance Latin to colonial kisses to mixed-up grunge to the mashed-up now, and with dulcet nods to Parnell’s cultural past and present, this Auckland-based group sing songs of love, of loss, of rosy days and lonely nights to soundtrack your White Night wanderings.


Performing at various venues along Parnell Road,
7.30pm Library steps 390 Parnell Road
8.15pm Post Office steps 297 Parnell Road
9.00pm Heard Park steps for 30 minute performances 

Coming to you straight from their performance at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, the Children’s Musical Theatre Studio Show Choir, based in Howick, will weave magic with song and movement for your pleasure. The choir sings songs from shows and popular music and performs at local and some not so local venues.

Gallery Experiences


10am – midnight

J S Parker’s exhibition, The Light Plain, features works completed last year, that reflect the changing light outside the artist’s studio doors and how the seasons influence his palette. 

Although abstract in a modernist context, Parker’s method of painting has links to Impressionism, both in colour and mark making, where light is the main focus but on occasions colour becomes the chief element.
Photo credit: © JS Parker

280 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 303 1090

Jonathan Grant Gallery – “Auckland: A History in Paintings”

6pm – midnight 

30 paintings of Auckland dating from the 1850s to 2015. The exhibition includes early photographs of Sir John Logan Campbell’s Kilbryde, original 19th Century paintings and watercolours of Parnell, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill and recent oils of the City and Takapuna. Many of the paintings will be accompanied by a photograph of the same view today.

280 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 308 9125


Gallery open 8pm – midnight

An exhibition of Matt Payne’s latest works will be on display in the upstairs gallery. Landscape features strongly in Matt’s oeuvre and he is particularly inspired by a love of the coast. Glistening seas and pristine sands feature in his dramatic compositions, rendered with breathtaking accuracy. 

263 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 3773133


8.00pm – 8.30pm. 

Start with Art! – How Art can be the primary source of colour, life and individuality in your home. Come and hear Auckland artist Greer Clayton talk about space and colour – how to incorporate works into your home design style, eroding the fear of mix and matching, lighting, framing and adding impact to the interior.
Clayton, who exhibits at Parnell Gallery and is a Resene paint colour expert, will discuss how we can use art to enhance our interiors, beautify spaces and display works for maximum impact.

263 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 3773133


6pm – midnight 

Light has the power to enhance an artists’ ideas, bringing the work to another dimension. Explore contemporary artworks that use light in creative and unexpected ways.
An exhibition of recent light works by leading New Zealand artists and designers, featuring recent works from James Russ, Philip Stokes, Oliver Höglund and Tom Barter. These illuminated works will transform the gallery after dark.

251 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 3684554


6pm – midnight 

An exhibition bridging the borders that we set up between each other as individuals as well as nations – across North, South, East and Western. In the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis and the migrant workers influx, this exhibition is about current political events and then the contrast to our privileged, often shallow position, on this ‘safe’ side of the world. The meeting and dividing – what we have in common across cultures and what are the differences. What are our deeper questions of being, our values for the future.

251 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 3774832


11.00am – midnight 

Parnell has come alive this year in celebration of The Year of the Monkey! 30 mischievous monkey sculptures painted by artists and celebrities are on display on 12 March from 11.00am and will be auctioned for charity. At 5.30pm, prior to the auction, you are welcome to hear from some of the artists involved in the project. The monkey auction is in aid of the Starship National Air Ambulance Service and commences at 6.30pm.

23-25 Falcon Street, Parnell, Auckland
+ 64 9 5246804


6pm – midnight 

Solo exhibition by Claudia Jowitt, one of New Zealand’s most exciting young contemporary painters. Recently announced as the 2016 Tautai Pacific Artist in Residence at Dunedin School of Art, Jowitt’s carefully realised paintings capture an exploratory creative process that she describes as simultaneously “unfolding and becoming”.

White Night Event : Saturday 12th March 5:30 – 10pm DJ Johnny Elbo from Yam Jams playing live vinyl set in the gallery.

43 Bath Street, Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 3775171

Auckland Museum


Tiffany Singh is collaborating with Auckland Museum to create an artwork of lanterns.
You’ll also be able to meet a couple of ‘high-flying’ characters. Come on a journey through the decades in our current special exhibition, Air New Zealand 75 Years. Meet ‘Vivian Walsh’ from the New Zealand Flying School and hear about his adventures high in the sky and back down in the hangar. And if you are a nervous first-time flyer, don’t worry about a thing; step back in time into the Solent cabin and meet ‘Barbara’, a frequent flyer who has some great flying tips to put your mind at ease. 

Free with museum entry
for more info go to http://www.aucklandmuseum.com/whats-on/art-and-culture/white-night