Boundary Expansion

Parnell set a record for our BID Boundary Expansion

Following several months of engagement with landowners and business in the greater Parnell area, the Parnell Business Association achieved a record result in May 2015, with over 52% of voters voting and a 75% majority in favour of an expansion of their boundary. 

The intention of the ballot was to expand the area of representation to incorporate St Georges Bay Rd, along The Strand, the York Street area and reaching up towards Gladstone Rd on the one side and Carlaw Park on the other. Businesses and landowners in the extended boundary had an opportunity to vote in this regard to support a business association that is fully representative of all businesses in Parnell. The campaign message was broadcast under the campaign banner of One Parnell One Precinct with the following objectives.

Following a strategic review late in 2013, the association began working on uniting the area under the campaign banner of ‘One Parnell One Precinct’ and illustrating the range of benefits and support that BID membership could provide. 

The ballot to extend the area represented by the Parnell BID commenced late April and after a 3 week voting period, closed on the 19th May with an overwhelming 75.08% majority who voted yes to the proposed Parnell BID Boundary Expansion. Due process was followed to completion for an inception date of 1 July 2015.