Crime Prevention & Security

The Parnell Business Association presents a range of initiatives to deter crime in the area.
Police – we foster a relationship with the local police with the aim of creating awareness of specific community incidents and problems. In the past years we have had varying success, mostly attributable to the very limited resources the police are able to provide. The police regularly provide us monthly stats of the crime incidents in Parnell and businesses are encouraged to please report all crimes to the police in order to enable ongoing tracking. 

Security Services and CCTV – Following a successful BID Boundary Expansion, we committed to contribute $100 000 in 2015/2016 towards a Parnell wide mobile street patrol service to achieve visibility in the area as a deterrent during hours typically at risk. This has increased to $200,000 annually with the introduction of CCTV.

We have always recommended an integrated Security & Crime Prevention Plan comprising CCTV, mobile street patrols and other safety initiatives. A tender process for CCTV was conducted in 2016 and the contract awarded in the first quarter of 2017. The network has been live since June 2017.