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Advocacy is a fundamental service provided by the Parnell Business Association to its members and the vast number of policy documents requesting feedback reflects the continued importance of providing a strong, consistent and united voice for local business. 

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport often use the business associations (BIDS) as a vehicle to disseminate information. Ideally all businesses should be represented and included. Unfortunately businesses not part of a BID are very often excluded unless they have prioritised channels of policy information, often through contracted services.

While a feedback loop is adequately provided for via the likes of Shape Auckland, most businesses find the documentation confusing and very time consuming to respond to.

Parnell, by its very nature an important fringe suburb, will continue to face infrastructure, transport and policy challenges. Representation in the next few years will necessitate creating a balance between the needs of business and the march of progress, and getting to grips with some of the macro issues that impact on our precinct.

Policy Submissions



The draft version of The Parnell Plan was developed together with a team from Auckland Council’s ‘people and places’ in a series of workshops together with key stakeholder community groups as well as mana whenua. The Waitematā Local Board sponsored the consultation phase. The PBA actively participated in the workshops and took an active role in engaging as many of our members as possible to participate in the consultation feedback opportunities. This took place via our communication channels, but also group presentations and a tuk-tuk that drove around the district for a two week period, soliciting survey feedback.

Parnell has suffered from a lack of Auckland Council and CCO funding for several years and is the only city fringe precinct that, do date, has not had any kind of Local Area Plan. Thus we are ‘late in the game’ in terms of the urban treatment of competitive business and retail areas and keep on getting left behind other zones, either in the central city or city fringe zone, that are considered a more important priority.

Our submission highlighted the fact that while the consultation document captures the essence of what is needed in order to secure the prosperous future of Parnell, it is crucial that a number of infrastructure projects be funded in order to support the vision.

The final version of the Parnell Plan was launched in June 2019.