Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

One Voice for Advocacy & Representation

Advocacy and Representation are arguably the most valuable services provided by a businesses association in Auckland. Countless policy documents cross our desk and few companies have the time or resources to deal with them. Auckland Council utilise the Business Associations (BIDS) as a direct conduit to disseminate policy info, so the majority of businesses located outside BID boundaries are often unaware of impending policy changes.

We are usually in the know first and regularly lobby on behalf of local business, plus present professional submissions on Council and Transport policies that could affect your business.

Strong local advocacy and representation stops local issues being overlooked due to the greater demand on the city’s financial resources and increased Auckland-wide focus. We have established relationships within the Waitematā Local Board and present formal submissions covering members’ views on operational elements that impact both positively and negatively on the current business improvement district.

One Strategy for Crime Prevention

Parnell, like many suburbs in Auckland will need to continually reassess their security & crime prevention needs to meet challenges around car theft, burglaries, willful damage to property and general street safety. Unfortunately public resources are spread really thin to cover the cost for security in most suburban areas. The business community needs to feel safe and until the BID Expansion in 2015, there were no funds to support a crime prevention strategy and security plan. 

Commencing July 2015, following a successful expansion we promised we would contribute some $100,000 in 2015/2016 towards a Parnell wide on foot and mobile street patrol service to achieve visibility in the area as a deterrent during hours typically at risk. This has now doubled to over $200,000 annually with the introduction of CCTV.

We have always recommended an integrated Crime Prevention & Security Plan comprising CCTV, mobile street patrols and other safety initiatives and will continue to upgrade our assets in this regard. 

One Brand to Market

The Parnell Business Association has a robust online presence with dominant search traffic using ‘Parnell’ and an interactive site hosting over 900 business listings, which are a mainstay for many small businesses with limited online presence.

Website Listing

You will receive a complimentary business listing, plus a full page profile displayed in the Business Directory hosted on This provides members the opportunity to directly target other local businesses.

We have the ability to leverage events from various neighbouring world-class facilities such as the Auckland Museum and Tennis Arena.

We have a healthy database of over 10,000 local businesses, residents and shoppers with whom we communicate regularly and interface via online and social media to broadcast member initiatives.

Member Email Communication

Our email communication comprises regular Newsletters, as well as ad hoc Notices where needed. The information provides details on relevant business information, how to get involved in our marketing campaign and events, as well as updates on key developments in the area so that our members can provide feedback on the future shaping of the precinct.

Marketing and Promotion

We take to market the promotion of businesses in categories that have the critical mass to stand out as precinct USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions), such as home furnishing and décor, galleries and hospitality offerings.
Our overall promotion and marketing objectives are to create awareness for our members, increase visibility of selected retail clusters and drive visitation to Parnell.

Consumer Email Communication

With a growing database of shoppers and interested parties, we are able to disseminate member promotions via regular emails.

Social Media & Media

Member promotions can also be given additional leverage via our social media channels and general media distribution.

Tourism Attraction

Via engagement with relevant stakeholders as well as printed material placed in tourist areas.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Access to advertising packages and sponsorship opportunities that would enhance your business objectives.


We provide a range of research to assist you to monitor your businesses performance. The Parnell Business Association commissions a quarterly Consumer Retail Expenditure Report to track trends and assist with monitoring business performance, based on consumer debit card spending data (eftpos and credit cards). In addition we belong to various other bodies and will make relevant research available to our members.

One Access to an established business community

The Parnell Business Association is often the first point of contact for new businesses in the area to connect and ask advice. 

We encourage business to business networking and a shared community between the businesses in our precinct. You can meet more customers and build supplier and client relationships, promote your company on our website and benefit from regular communication and policy updates to all our members.

The Parnell Business Association regularly interfaces with landlords and leasing brokers to address the shortcomings in the current tenant mix. An improved tenant mix will not only create a sustainable patronage to the area, but also increase land values and ROI over time.

One Environment we all share

The built environment is important for the future of Parnell and our heritage buildings must be retained and redeveloped into viable commercial sites, while at the same time we advocate for new projects that will enhance the environment of Parnell.

Rapid Graffiti Removal

We will help to expedite the swift removal of street frontage graffiti in partnership with Auckland Council on a wall, fence or structure adjacent to the road.

Voting Rights

Only businesses located within the targeted BID area are eligible members and will only have voting rights at the AGM if they have confirmed their membership.